Olympic Center Jahorina traditionally welcomes the new winter season as the most modern ski center in south eastern Europe. Olympic Center Jahorina got this attribute not only through the realization of numerous, great investments, but also through diligent work that does not end with the closing of the winter or summer season, because work on investment projects continues throughout the whole year. Its hard-working employees successfully follow up investment projects on those previously realized and create a whole that will be the reason for guests to visit this mountain again. Olympic Center Jahorina enters the new winter season with numerous new investment projects, 8 of them. These are infrastructural projects that will welcome all skiing fans and visitors to the Olympic mountain, and ensure them endless enjoyment in the winter months.

The implementation of the “SnowFactory” system for artificial snowmaking of trails, and a significant upgrade of the existing system for artificial snowmaking of trails, was perhaps the biggest project of the Olympic Center in preparation for the 22/23 winter season. The so-called “SnowFactory” system, i.e. the latest snowmaking system that produces artificial snow under all conditions, regardless of air temperature.

With the installation of 2 new ski lifts – “Prača” T-bar, 900 meters long, and the “Oštra Glava” drag lift, 120 meters long – the number of vertical transport installations on Jahorina, as well as the total capacity when it comes to the number of skiers that the Olympic Center with its installations transports to the top of the mountain, in just one hour, increased to roughly 31,000. New installations of vertical transport are accompanied by new trails and connecting roads, but also new kilometers of illuminated trails for the best night skiing. With the implementation of the new lighting installation project, the already existing 5 kilometers of trails for night skiing were accompanied with 3.5 kilometers of newly lit trails according to FIS standards, and thus delighted skiing fans with a total of 8.5 kilometers of trails for night enjoyment. The slopes of Poljice, Novak Đoković, Trnovo and Skočine are ready for night skiing, as well as Poljice ski kindergarten for the youngest and less skilful skiers, who are happy to extend their skiing into the evening hours. For transporting skiers to the top of the mentioned slopes in the evening, there will be Poljice gondola, Partizan gondola, Trnovo six-seater, Skočine six-seater, and the installations at Poljice polygon. Novak Djokovic trail is fully illuminated for excellent night skiing – it is also the most popular blue trail on the mountain, which is therefore great for those who are not so good at skiing, but still want to give it a try at skiing under the stars. All mentioned slopes are fully covered by artificial snow system.

During the past months, the upgrade of the Olympic Bar was a major undertaking of the Olympic Center Jahorina. In front of the Olympic Bar, at the place where the outdoor bar was built, all visitors will be welcomed by numerous apres-ski parties, which will be synonymous with a great time on the Olympic mountain. In the previous winter season, there were more than 20 such parties, while an equal number of great parties were held in the premises of the Olympic Bar itself.

However, the realization of certain projects brought even more enthusiasm. These are at the same time projects that stand out significantly from the others in terms of their attractiveness, and we are talking about the Sledding and the “Snowboard” park. Children and adults who enjoy sledding will be delighted with the realization of the project of building a sledding area, i.e. a sledding run with a length of 600 meters and a width of 5 meters. There is also a project for the construction of a “Snowboard Park”, as well as the construction of a ski tunnel at Rajska Dolina. Snowboarding enthusiasts will enjoy the new Snowboard Park on Trnovo slope, with an area of 3,000 square meters. It’s something completely new on the ski resorts of Southeast Europe.

Construction of an additional storage lake with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters on the Prača slope, as well as an increase in the capacity of the artificial snowmaking system by 50% by installing a total of 29 new devices, of which 15 launchers and 14 snow cannons, as much as 80% of the entire area of the slopes owned by Olympic Center Jahorina is covered by artificial snowmaking system.

In the new, winter season 22/23, Jahorina welcomes skiers with a total of 47 kilometers of ideally prepared alpine ski trails, connected into a single unit with as many as 16 vertical transport installations with a total capacity of 31,000 skiers per hour. Skiers can choose to ski on blue slopes, which are the equivalent of easy slopes, red slopes, which represent medium difficulty slopes, as well as on black, i.e., difficult slopes, which are adapted to the most experienced and skilful skiers. While experienced skiers choose the black slopes and enjoy the adrenaline that the mountain offers, beginners have three greatly equipped ski kindergartens at their disposal, while two ski kindergartens are prepared for the youngest skiers, equipped with a carpet lift, a tubing track and numerous entertainment facilities, where they can make their first ski steps and have endless fun on the snow. Ski kindergartens are most suitable for children and beginners in skiing. For this purpose, ski carpets were made, ideal for winter kindergartens. With the professional ski & snowboard teachers of the “Olympic Center” school, they will definitely include skiing and snowboarding in their favourite sport and faster than they thought, and soon they will bravely conquer even the black slopes. Even today, professional skiers choose Jahorina as an ideal destination for preparations and training, while as many as 11 homologated ski slopes make it ready for another organization of the biggest world-class competitions.

Jahorina is favourite destination on the map of fans of snow and winter sports from all over the world, so during the winter season it is visited by up to 600,000 skiers. During the 21/22 ski season, for 153 days of skiing, the mountain was visited by over 411,000 skiers and more than 150,000 non-skiers from all over the world. In addition to local visitors, the largest number of visitors come from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia, and a large number of them come from countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Austria, Italy, and even Russia, Singapore, and Great Britain. Jahorina is a mountain for absolutely every age, but it is generally considered an ideal place for family winter holidays, so the largest percentage of visitors corresponds to the age group from 15 to 45 years old, followed by the children’s category, and the category of seniors, who are very happy to spend their late working and retirement days in the fresh air and snow. The mountain has a really large accommodation capacity, both hotel and private, which allows the figure of almost a quarter of a million visitors during each season to comfortably settle down and choose the one that suits their taste. Jahorina is also a ski center known for good entertainment, big concerts of the region’s biggest musical stars, music festivals and performances. Phenomenal entertainment and hospitable approach to guests, as well as the excellent gastronomic and wellness offer characteristic of this mountain, allows visitors to return from the mountain full of impressions and almost always, enchanted by everything that Jahorina offers, repeat their visit with joy and impatience.

With the highest peak of Ogorjelica located at 1,916 meters above sea level, this mighty mountain of the Dinaric Mountain massif is located at the junction of the cold continental and warm Mediterranean climates. Such a climate favours large amounts of snowfall, which is why the average number of days with snow cover in Jahorina reaches 145, and the height of the snow cover is as much as 5 meters. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also the closest large city to Jahorina, from which international airport can be reached in two ways: the first leads through the city of East Sarajevo, and is 31 kilometers long, while the second leads through the city of Pale, 37 kilometers long. The distance between Jahorina and Banja Luka is 210 kilometers, Ljubljana 540 kilometers, Podgorica 260 kilometers, Zagreb 400 kilometers, and Belgrade 320 kilometers.