Photo challenge

Strike a pose, take a photo and win a valuable prize!


We invite all lovers of Jahorina and its magical nature, photography lovers, those who like to share their photos as well as their location with their friends, talented photographers, but also those a bit less talented, to participate in a challenge that can, in addition to immense fun and fond memories, bring them valuable prizes!

The challenge called “Jahorina Photo Challenge” is the idea of ​​the team of the Olympic Center Jahorina in which its participants will take pictures at 4 viewpoints with a truly divine view of the surrounding peaks and nature, share their photos on Instagram, have the most fun, and preserve memories of wonderful moments.

Photo point:

    1. Kalajidžin kamen
    2. Sedla
    3. Pogledine
    4. Blizanci

All they need to do in order to successfully participate in the “Jahorina Photo Challenge” is to follow the steps that need to be taken, and these are:

      1. Strike a pose and take a photo!
      2. More memories, more smiles, more prizes – take photos at the remaining “photopoint” locations!
      3. Share your photo with your friends on Instagram!
      4. Under the photos, put #jahorina, #photojahorina, and # for each location where you take the photo (# kalajdzijinkamen, #blizanci, #pogledine, and #sedlo), so that more virtual friends can see your phenomenal photo!

Photos of participants of the “Jahorina Photo Challenge” will win them an amazing prize:

– voucher with a 30% discount on the entire offer in the Olympic Bar, which can be used once during the summer season, but also

– allow them to enter the shortlist of hard-working photographers who compete for the main prize with their photos and hashtags – a 7-day D + N ski pass …

… which will surely make them return to their favorite mountain with a smile even in the winter months!

All participants of the “Jahorina Photo Challenge” should grab their vouchers at the Olympic Bar Souvenir Shop. The name of the winner of the main prize will be announced on October 1, 2022!


– Where summer adventure awaits! –