1. Respect for others

Every skier or border shell act so as not to endanger and injure another person.

2. Control the speed and direction

Skier or border must be under control. He/She must adapt his speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to his personal abilities and prevailing conditions on the slopes, snow and weather conditions, as well as the density of the traffic on the slope.

3. Route choice

Skier of border coming from behind must choose his path so as not to endanger other skiers or snowboarders ahead.

4. Overtaking

Skier or border may overtake or bypass another skier or boarder above or below, on left or right side, just in case to leave enough space for another skier or border to make any intentional of unintentional movement.

5. Intersecting slope, start and moving along the slope

Skier or border that crosses the path first must check the traffic on the track and ensure that it can move freely on the other side of the track so it does not harm other participants.

6. Stop on the track

Unless it is absolutely necessary, skier or border must refrain from stopping in those areas where the train is narrow or where the visibility is limited. If a skier or boarder falls in such a place, it must be removed to the side as soon as possible.

7. Climb of decent on foot

Skier or boarder moving on foot must do it to the edge of the track.

8. Respect and warning sings

Skier or border must obey all sings and notice warnings on the track.

9. Help on track

In case of an accident, all skiers and snowboarders are required to help those who are hurt.

10. Identification

Every skier or border who is a witness or participant in an accident regardless of whether he caused it by himself or not, he/she must show his/her documents upon the request of the responsible person on the slopes.