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Jahorina, the Winter Olympic queen, welcomes the coming winter as the most modern ski centre in this part of Europe. The new gondola lift Poljice, a regional innovation designed by Italian designers Pininfarina, is the most important investment in a string of new innovative concepts. The gondola has a capacity of 3,600 skiers per hour, and its light effects and heated tunnel that leads to  Olympic Bar, are what makes it suitable for day and night skiing, and for panoramic rides. Two completely new six-seat chairlifts and two new ski lifts round out the offer of this ski centre with a total of 24 ski slopes that are 47 km long, which are mutually connected to form a single system with 16 vertical transport installations and a total capacity of 28,800 skiers per hour. In addition to the 47 kilometres of alpine ski courses perfectly prepared in line with the highest international standards, Jahorina also boasts 10 km of tracks for Nordic skiing.

With its highest peak, Ogorjelica, sitting at the altitude of 1916 metres above sea level, this magnificent mountain of the Dinaric range, is located at the junction of the cold continental and warm Mediterranean climates. Such a climate is suitable for plenty of snowfall, and the average number of days with snow cover annually is more than 145, whereas the snow cover can grow up to 5 metres in height. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the nearest major town. There are two ways to get to Jahorina from Sarajevo’s airport. The first one passes through East Sarajevo and is 31 km long, and the other passes through Pale (37 km). The distance from Jahorina to Banja Luka is 210 km, to Ljubljana 540 km, to Podgorica 260 km, to Zagreb 400 km, and to Belgrade 320 km.

Back in 1984, Jahorina was one of the stages for the Winter Olympics, held that February in Sarajevo. The top skiers of the time competed on the slopes of Jahorina. That year, Jahorina was the symbol of friendship and peace, promoting all religions, cultures and traditions, which all still holds true. The rich history, which we cherish and promote, coupled with the state-of-the-art skiing infrastructure, are what keeps this Olympic mountain at the very top of ski destinations in the region and elsewhere.

Professional skiers still choose Jahorina as the ideal destination for boot camps and training, and the 11 homologated ski slopes allow the mountain to again organise the biggest international competitions. This is the only mountain in the world that can boast slopes that bear the name of Novak Đoković, world’s best-known tennis player, and is unique for having as much as 5 kilometres of ski slopes ready for night skiing. The unique ski slope, Olympic Downhill, has been made available for skiing and testing of Olympic ski records once again, after more than 30 years.

While experienced skiers choose black run skiing slopes and enjoy the rush that this mountain can give, beginners have at their disposal three state-of-the-art ski courses. With professional trainers from the Olympic Centre ski and snowboard school, you are bound to consider skiing and snowboarding your new favourite sports and will successfully and bravely conquer even the black run skiing courses much sooner than you would expect.

Jahorina is a famous entertainment hub among ski centres and is known for big concerts featuring the most popular regional stars, as well as music festivals and theatre shows. The fun and friendly atmosphere, excellent gastro and wellness offers are typical of this mountain and mean that visitors return home with tons of new experiences, charmed by everything Jahorina has to offer, looking forward to coming back again.



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