When you think of a restaurant-bar on top of a mountain, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly the mountain gastronomic offer, which usually includes food full of protein, milk-based products, and a lot of dough, i.e. food that will fill you up so much that you can ski all day, without a break, so you can enjoy everything that nature has made possible for us during the winter months. This is exactly what the favorite meeting place, great food and phenomenal nightlife has to offer, at an altitude of 1,879 meters above sea level – Olympic Bar. Thus, all visitors to this warm, tucked away mountain corner, in more than 700 square meters of space, expect an out of this world view of the large lake accumulation and the surrounding peaks of the Jahorina mountain, as well as the best, and primarily diverse, gastronomic offer.

Excellent food based on local products of the region, served in the form of generous portions and full of protein, is the first choice of every Jahorina skier, considering the energy that this magical winter sport requires. Indispensable pura with kaymak, podvarak with beef or bacon, homemade doughnuts with cream and prosciutto, homemade prosciutto with homemade cheese and cream, homemade pie, stuffed cabbage rolls, and of course, kebabs, and grilled dishes, are just some of the chef’s suggestions of this incredible restaurant on top of the mountain. The homemade pie that is prepared in the Olympic Bar is a unique dish that happily brings all its tasters back to their childhood and the period when it was possible to eat this kind of pie when mothers and grandmothers prepared it. Jahorina cutlet and pork leg in sauerkraut are dishes that almost no one can resist, which are prepared with special love, and which are interwoven with the unique atmosphere of Jahorina. There is also an indispensable, sweet segment of the offer, in the form of homemade delicacies characteristic of the climate in which the Olympic Bar is located, such as baklava, tufahije and, of course, delicious pancakes. The excellent offer of refreshing, but also alcoholic, beverages must not be left out.

However, Olympic Bar, apart from being special in terms of location, ambience, and gastronomy, is also unique in terms of the impressive number of events it hosts during almost the entire year.


In the previous year, its management organized more than 20 evening parties, and more than 20 outdoor parties, on the plateau in front of the Olympic Bar. A massive open-air bar was built on that very spot, where, traditionally, numerous, unsurpassed “apres-ski” parties are held, for which, among other things, Jahorina is well-known. During the winter season 23/24, a record number of musical performances will be held in the Olympic Bar, and these are concerts for everyone’s soul.