Those who decide to complete their stay with additional activities offered by Olympic Center Jahorina will be very happy to ride a cabin snow groomer, as one of the favorite activities of all visitors. We are talking about Ski Sunrise and Ski Sunset, which all users of these two types of offers, judging by the daily comments during the previous winter season, enjoyed endlessly. These perfect offers are a combination of all the wonderful activities that visitors can enjoy on Jahorina, such as sunrise and sunset, a panoramic snow groomer ride and enjoying beautiful views of the nearby mountain peaks, excellent food, and the best skiing.



Experience unforgettable mornings on Jahorina during Ski Sunrise ride. As part of this ride, a new, cabin snow groomer will depart from Poljice trail early in the morning for a panoramic ride up the mountain over Gola Jahorina, during which it will stop at 3 “photo points”, i.e., locations that represent places from which an incredible view can be experienced, and where the participants of this activity can take photos in a breathtaking, natural environment. After taking photos and creating wonderful memories, the users of this activity will continue their ride all the way to the Olympic Bar at the top of the Poljice trail, where a delicious breakfast awaits them with the finest hot drinks, after which, at 8:45 a.m., the first descent on skis will follow where they will have the opportunity to be the first, after the snow groomers’ work, to go down the great trail of Jahorina. Of course, there is always the possibility that some of the participants of the Ski Sunrise are not skiers, and it is possible for them to return to the departure station of Poljice by the gondola. For a divine view that will be remembered forever on this occasion, it is really worth waking up at the crack of dawn, isn’t it?

Ski Sunrise – details:

Place of departure:Poljice gondola departure station

Departure time 06:00 AM (subject to change)

“Photo points”: Plandište, Ogorjelica, Olympic Bar



While Ski Sunrise is an ideal morning activity for some of the visitors to the Olympic mountain Jahorina, there is also a large number of those who would rather enjoy the equally magical sunset. With that in mind, Olympic Center Jahorina has included a phenomenal offer called Ski Sunset. Ski Sunset is a very similar offer presented as part of Ski Sunrise, but the departure of the cabin snow groomer from the same location, Poljice, is planned for 5:15 p.m., when the same route of the panoramic ride is followed: from  Poljice trail, via Gola Jahorina, all the way to the Olympic Bar. Of course, as part of this ride, service users will also stop at two “photopoints”, and record the incredible scene behind them, endlessly enjoying the moment, and then refresh themselves with an excellent brunch at the Olympic Bar. And with this option of a panoramic snow groomer ride, skiers have the opportunity to be the first on the trail, right before the start of night skiing, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., but also to take Poljice gondola back to the starting point of the trail and the entire route, if not skiers.

Ski Sunset – details:

Place of departure: departure station of Poljice gondola

Departure time: 17:15 (subject to change)

“Photopoints”: Gola Jahorina, Olympic Bar


The individual price of Ski Sunrise or Ski Sunset is 80 BAM. Payment is made at the Olympic Bar. The maximum number of people at Ski Dawn or Ski Sunset is 10, and the minimum number is 5.

The reservation must be made by e-mail, by emailing HERE or by phone at: 00387 57 270 003 – it must be made at least one day before the expected date of using the service.