One of the most luxurious magazines ever published in the territory of the former Yugoslavia – the magazine “SkiYu” – appeared for the first time on the newsstands of the countries of the former Yugoslavia in the fall of 2022. It represents a great collaboration project between the Jahorina Olympic Center and the Color Media Communication publishing company, whose first edition saw the light of day before the start of the new winter season on the Olympic mountain Jahorina. It is a unique, regional magazine about skiing, intended for the skiing population, mountain lovers, and those who are intrigued by the offer of ski centers in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The first edition of this timeless magazine is an indisputable guide in planning vacations in the winter months, through which its readers have the opportunity to find out in one place the answers to all the questions arising from the decision to make their winter vacation not great, but better than the one before, starting by finding out more about famous ski resorts from the republics of the former common state, right down to the number and difficulty of the trails they have, and how to choose the best ski instructor on one of the mountains.

In addition to interesting facts about each of the mentioned ski resorts, through vivid photos of them, the content of the “SkiYu” magazine also contains many fantastic interviews with famous faces of the past and present ski and mountain scene. “SkiYu” represents the most luxurious magazine that Color Media Communication has published in its 30 years of publishing history, and which, due to its regional nature, is bilingual. It was published in more than 20,000 copies that all readers can find at all kiosks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and North Macedonia.

The success, the avalanche of positive comments and the fantastic reactions of the happy readers of the “SkiYu” magazine were the perfect reason for the realization of its second edition, in the fall of 2023. The pages of second edition are filled with extremely high-quality content, which will introduce all its readers in detail to the hotel and restaurant offer of ski centers that were discussed in the first “issue” of this unique magazine, the offer of ski equipment rental, the offer of sports equipment stores, as well as with the activities that the tourist organizations of the areas where the mentioned ski centers are located have to offer to their visitors. In the second edition of the “SkiYu” magazine, mountain lovers will get acquainted with the summer offers of ski centers, which take on a new, more serious dimension every year.

The electronic version of the first edition of the “SkiYu” magazine you can find HERE!

The electronic version of the second edition of the “SkiYu” magazine you can find HERE!