Adventure and Children’s Park are a great form of entertainment, both for the youngest and adult visitors of Olympic Center Jahorina, but the park that will absolutely delight all those who choose adrenaline activities, is Adrenaline Park! As such, it includes 4 contents that can be enjoyed by passionate fans of adrenaline and such content, as well as those who want to try out for the first time in such activities. These are contents called Butterfly, Nautic Jet, Loopster, and Tower.


Butterfly activity within the Adrenaline Park on Jahorina got its name not only from the movements of the seat you are in, while driving, but also from the butterflies you feel in your stomach while it lasts! Swinging at a speed of 21m / s, moving from one end of the rails to the other, you feel like a busy butterfly, which after an exciting, cheerful and fun flight, in this case driving, feels great joy.

Nautic Jet

Defy gravity with Nautic Jet! Join us in a boat ride, equally adored by younger and older generations! The participant of this adrenaline activity steers the boat with the help of a ramp, accelerates to 40 km / h, in free fall up to 6 meters, and lowers the vehicle to the water in the pool. Don’t worry – you will spray all too curious spectators around the pool, while your clothes will stay completely dry!


Tower, as one of the 4 great adrenaline activities you can try yourself, is a favorite activity of all lovers of views of the beautiful surrounding landscapes. Its use is extremely simple, but it requires teamwork. By gently pulling the rope, the climbing movement is simulated, at a height of as much as 9 meters, while the tandem seat moves upwards. The tower is positioned on the plateau of the Poljice trail.


Pure driving fun – and every trip, a unique experience! Sit in one of the eight round Loopster cabins, which rotate around a horizontal axis, but also in both directions, and have endless fun! Maybe first forward, then backward? Head forward, or back kick? Loopster users on the control console can choose a relaxing pace – or simply push a button, do somersaults, go forward, backward, change. For those who want a wild ride, the sky is the limit. And those who want to relax can choose the option to make the cabin slide slightly. Loopster cabins make approximately 11 rotations per minute, and are located, as well as other activities from the Adrenaline Park, on the Poljice plateau.


At the top of Jahorina and the Poljice trail, at an altitude of 1879 meters, there is an attraction that won the hearts of visitors to Jahorina in the summer months – Skydive! By participating in this activity, you will “fly over” a fantastic, emerald, accumulation lake at the mentioned location, above which it stretches with its length. This fantastic experience is a combination of adrenaline, enjoyment, spectacular, panoramic views, and an unsurpassed experience, which only this “flight” can provide. Join us and feel free like a bird, and record wonderful memories!


An equally beautiful view, with a bit more adrenaline, offers users a truly impressive activity that, just like Skydive, takes place above the imposing accumulation lake at the top of Jahorina, which is Zipline! Zipline adventure is fun for all ages, in an amazing location and with a divine view of the surrounding landscapes, as part of which you will “fly over” the lake in a blink of an eye, but the experience you gain will be remembered forever. Zipline is a great activity for the whole family, as well as for small, selected company, but also for those who do not have a partner to try this activity, but have enough courage and desire to have endless fun – so arm yourself in a good mood, join us, fasten your belt and see you in the air!