From the top of Jahorina on two wheels! If you want to complete your vacation on the mountain with adrenaline activities in the incredible nature of the Olympic beauty Jahorina, then Bike Trail is the ideal place for you! More than 3,000 meters of cycling challenge made of big and small bridges, natural, land, and artificial, wooden curves, jumps over the trail, with numerous obstacles such as stones, roots, will make the heart of every fond cyclist jump! However, don’t be intimidated by the aforementioned – the Bike Trail is suitable not only for passionate cyclists, but also for those who are on their way to becoming one of them! Until the very start of the Bike Trail, visitors with their two wheelers will come with the help of the Poljice gondola, and the goal of each of them will be to descend to its base with as much skill as possible.



Bike Park 



Cycling fun does not end in the trails, and older, serious cyclists do not have the exclusive right to have fun. They used to be children, begginers in this sport, which today brings them so much joy and satisfaction. For this season, at the foot of the mountain and the Poljice trail, the youngest cyclists will have at their disposala polygon with an area of 1000m2, made upof numerous obstacles that they will later encounter on the Bike Trail and the forest. Trainings for the youngest, as well as children competitions will be organized there as well.  



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