Replace training indoors and in a stuffy space during the summer months with training in nature, and visit the Adventure Park of Olympic Center Jahorina! This fantastic park is a great form of entertainment, but also a competition for those who enjoy winning, as well as those who want to try themselves for the first time in an adventure made up of fun and somewhat demanding obstacles, regardless of age.

But what exactly is it about? Which park is ideal for older and younger, people in shape, but also less physically fit, fun, but competitive, but completely safe? The adventure park absolutely fits that description! It is a huge wooden polygon made up of three levels, adapted to the age and physical abilities of the participants, and overcoming numerous obstacles they successfully reach the goal. They will encounter obstacles in the form of suspension bridges on cables, hanging logs, tarzan cables, barrels, spider webs, walking on wire, a hanging wall with grips, a part that includes free fall, and everything that comes to mind when we are talking about a polygon with obstacles. At all times, participants will be provided with protective equipment for complete safety.