Mountain and water activities, an incompatible tandem, right? Not on Jahorina! The accumulation lake at the top of Jahorina and the Poljice trail is reserved for attractions on the water, by which we mean 3 different activities that will literally delight you: pedal boats, kayaks and water zorbing.

Pedal boats

If you think that fun with the help of pedal boats is reserved only for the sea and sea activities, you are wrong! Olympic Center Jahorina has prepared the best fun for all its visitors in the summer months, on the accumulation lake at the top of Jahorina and the Poljice trail! Invite dear and loved ones to join you in a ride like this, in a really special environment – because, how many people who rode a pedal boat on an artificial lake and at almost 2,000 meters above sea level do you know?


Activities in the beautiful, healthy, mountain air are a great “tool” for any individual who wants to get rid of negative emotions, thoughts and energy, while water activities are the perfect way to have fun and encourage positive energy. Bearing in mind the combination that brings a smile to the faces of visitors to the Olympic mountain Jahorina, one of the attractions on the lake is kayak, or kayaking! Individual, or kayaking for two, at an altitude of 1879 meters, is not only a fantastic training for the body of each participant in the activities, but also a unique experience, during which they come into close contact with nature, and carry with them only the most beautiful memories and vibrations.

Water zorbing

The last, but not the least important, attraction on the lake is also the favorite attraction of the youngest visitors to Jahorina. Young ones love to try out an activity that at first glance seems like one of those that is extremely easy to master, but very quickly they see the opposite, and adults, even faster! The ball provided for this type of activity on the water is reminiscent of a large bubble, in which they snuggle and lightly cruise the water of the reservoir, which often deceives them, because in just a few minutes it takes away much of the energy of participants, but brings more valuable unforgettable fun and laughter! The moment you enter the ball and go into the water, your struggle for survival begins, and as far away as possible from the starting point, while all your loved ones are cheering for you. They explain to you with a lot of joy what move you need to take in order to succeed, and then they, in a few moments, enter into your role, and you into theirs, while the fun is ongoing.