The youngest, as well as the best ambassadors of the Olympic mountain Jahorina, deservedly received a special place of entertainment in the summer offer of Olympic Center Jahorina, called Children’s Park! This park, made of wood and some metal, measuring 30mx2mx3.5m, will not only make the kids have endless fun, but also unconsciously improve their sensory-motor skills and coordination, overcoming numerous obstacles between two wooden, beautifully decorated walls, inside which the fun begins!

Youngsters primarily encounter a short maze, which leads to balancing beams and foot prints, and climbers in the form of a combination of metal pipes and ropes. After the climber, it is the turn of a magical forest, built of wooden forms of different heights, at different distances, after which our youngest visitors come to three trampolines for jumping. They are followed by bridges, a slide, a rock climber, jumping obstacles, monkey bars and new climbers. Children’s Park is completely adapted to children aged 3-14 – there are no cracks or sharp edges, and fun is guaranteed!

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